July 11-12 Pre-planning Notes: PSI Framework

Google Doc: Parking Lot and Notes

To Do?
  • Refine AHSD version of 8-10 big ideas? (within table in Google doc above)
  • Outline of next steps for planning group
  • Outline of next steps for exploration and PD
    • Develop list of PLC (purposeful learning community) team for each elementary (must be voluntary for all members) - schools could select a grade level team or a team of volunteers across grade levelsdifferent grade levels
    • Develop list of 7 teachers (different grade levels and style of teaching would be ideal) who want to jump in with both feet and attend the first District PLC modeling session
  • Ongoing work of PLC
    • Description of teacher role in PSI
    • Description of Advanced Learning Facilitator roles
    • Description of Building Admin role
  • Development of list of related resources for educators - for PLC, but publicly maintained so any interested teacher can use
  • Development of links to existing student/program resources - for PLC, but publicly maintained so any interested teacher can use

Agenda Options
  • Charge for the 2 days - Dale
    • Defining Advanced Learning Facilitator roles
  • Overview of PSI - Dale
    • Known knowns from Dale - What do we know about PSI
      • Who will be the Advanced Learning Facilitators?
      • Start at 3-5, eventually move K-5
      • Known elements of PSI
        One Advanced Learning Facilitator in each building
        Minimum of two 5-8 week clusters that meet 2-3 hours per week on average.
        Each kid would experience 2 per year
        Start in October, end in May
        Year 1 Pilot - Volunteer
      • Where does the time come from?
        • Student Exploration
        • PD needed (admin & teachers)
          • When started?
    • Known unknowns - What questions can't be answered yet
    • Starting a parking lot for questions - google doc & paper
  • Discuss Engage, !gnite!, SciBlogging, SS Workshop, & Thinkering Studio, Advanced Learning Committee from BCS (Dale)
    • What those classrooms were envisioned to look like
    • What was the PD like
    • Difficulties - lessons learned
  • Papert's 8 Big Ideas
  • JSBs Studio video
  • Renzoulli - Dale
  • Discuss how tightly to align content to PSI
    • Option 1 - Extending existing units' content
    • Option 2 - Tying to or Extending existing core curr skills
    • Option 3 - Truly self-directed learning - process skills most likely connect to core skills
    • Option 4 - CBL
    • Option 5 - Some of each
    • Option 6 - Teachers choose from 1-5
  • Discuss connections to iWIRED, ReWIRED and SD25 Ignite
    • inquiry & design
    • student choice & voice
    • documenting process
  • PD Plans
    • PLN or PLC for PD?
  • Timeline
    • tasks to finish as small group
    • dates for meeting w learning facilitators
    • identify small "Noodle" group
      • 3-4 willing to noodle their way through this
      • develop & post material for larger group

Friday Discussion Notes:
PLC Teams in buildings -
  • representatives from each team will come out for district experiences (may be rotating role)
  • representatives will take experience back to individual building team and run session as they experienced at district level
  • expectation that each person in building team will take strategy back to classroom to "play" with and return to building PLC for reflection, discussion
  • representative and building sessions ongoing throughout year
  • whole group meeting Oct & Feb/Mar

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