Affordances & Constraints - Interactive Whiteboards

The details of this chart are less important than the process of creating it. After trying Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom and reading/watching how others use them in the classroom, get together with a few other educators and fill out your own chart. Here's a blank chart we give out as a part of a Think-Pair-Share.

  • Video, images and audio (multimodal) can really engage students (what you then do with the engaged students has more to do with other pedagogies than the IWB)
  • Can annotate and save information (can be done without IWB too) as images or video - This can be great for review or for absent students - Possibly even to "flip" the classroom
  • By using clickers, informal formative assessment is possible (this could also be done through laptops, iPads, or smartphones)
  • Interface well with document cameras (though lcd projectors can too) and are nicer than overhead projectors
  • Software offers manipulable objects, especially for math
  • Allows the opportunity for teachers to invest in the technology to find unique and innovative ways of implementation
  • More expensive than a standard lcd projector and screen
  • "Interactive" elements often ignored and used as if they were only projectors
  • Prone to perpetuating direct instruction as the primary pedagogy (fits with many educators existing view of teaching as imparting information)
  • Need clickers and tablets (more money) to make them more "interactive"
  • Requires a fair amount of professional development if they are to be used for more than a standard LCD projector and screen - Which means that time/money is not available for other professional development that might more significantly affect pedagogy
  • Creating your own lessons with the software is time consuming (as is most curriculum development)
  • Typically connected to the "teacher" computer; i.e. teacher based tool
  • Teachers must willing choose to invest into learning ways to implement into curriculum

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