The details of this chart are less important than the process of creating it. After playing/exploring with the , reading/watching how others use jumpstart pages in the classroom, and trying out jumpstarts with your own students, get together with a few other educators and fill out your own chart. Here's a blank chart we give out as a part of a Think-Pair-Share. You might want to divide it into sections and consider the affordances and constraints by user (teacher/student/special needs student/administrator), use (reading/word processing/movie making/note taking/etc.), subject, taxonomy (Bloom/SAMR/etc.), etc. Hopefully you'll revise the chart as you use jumpstart pages in a wider variety of ways. This can definitely be combined with ideas of balancing technology, content and pedagogy. (Check out this podcast on TPaCK and SAMR.)

  • Done right, at the right time, can be a form of scaffolding that fits nicely with their ZPD
  • May provide the impetus for students stuck with Thinkerer's Block or reluctant students (including those stuck with "The teacher should just tell us what they want us to do" syndrome).
  • Curated resources can help the students engage with better resources (the library curates their books don't they).
  • Pages could be optional, pointed out only to those students who seem in need.
  • Could actually be part of students' sharing, creating a jumpstart page for their topic or adding to an existing one (curating)
  • Not necessary for students who have their own idea and actively seek outside help/expertise as necessary. May constrain their thinking in directions other than where they might head on their own.
  • By providing resources such as tips and tutorials, students may not fully engage in the seeking/research of resources.
  • By providing examples of projects and challenge ideas, students conceptions of what they want to do may not be as original, leading them to create what others have already created.
  • Students may simply follow recipes without ultimately becoming more creative in their processes and products
  • Can be a crutch when no crutch is needed

  • If you have made jumpstart pages, should you only selectively make students aware of them or should they be mentioned as one of many resources at the beginning of the year?