BLC12 - iPad Apps For Creativity

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Background Knowledge - iPad 101

  • Internet Browsing
  • Safari tabs
  • Safari bookmarks
  • Searching for Apps?
  • Installing Apps
  • Deleting Apps


  • Creativity Requires Time
  • Creator vs. Revisor
  • [Some] Schools Kill Creativity
  • Digging Deeper
    • What counts as creativity?
    • What does creativity look like in learning?
    • How does creativity relate to Innovation? 
(Sustaining, Breakout, Disruptive)
    • Can a revisor/remixer be as creative as the creator?
    • Does "playing" Minecraft count as creativity? Angry Birds?
    • Are we more creative working alone or together?
    • Can creativity be taught?

App Exploration

App Affordances & Constraints

App Classification

Apptivity Classification

  • Digging Deeper
    • Should SAMR be viewed more as a continuum?
    • Is Redefinition easier to imagine outside of the classroom/school/schoolday?
    • Is Redefinition different for a 20+ year teacher with little tech experience versus a 20+ year teacher comfortable and experienced with a wide variety of technologies and activities, versus a new teacher who is a "digital native" with classroom technology versus a new teacher who only uses technology for personal use?
    • How does SAMR compare to other models? ETaP, LoTi, Arizona Technology Integration Matrix, or Florida Technology Integration Matrix
    • Is anytime/anywhere access to the internet through mobile devices an element that could be used for redefinition?
    • Maker Movement - Interesting to think of this as redefinition, though it is a return to the past in some senses. Still, think about what opportunities new/cheaper tools allow in addition to the worldwide sharing that is accompanying the movement.
    • Could "augmented reality" apps and "alternative reality games" be used for redefinition?

Apptivity Exploration & Tweaks

Other Resources

Session Reflection

  • What new or lingering questions have surfaced during this session?
  • What ideas have you head that you can take back and begin implementing in the first 5 daysl?

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