BLC13 - Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning)

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LEGO Challenges

Problem Solving Strategies


Teacher Role(s)?


Student Self Assessment

Documentation & Reflection

Digital Learning Farm

Information Processing

Less Is More Continuum?

Autodidacts, Self-Directed Learning, Student Exploration, Guided Discovery, Direct Instruction

Closing Thought

  • What difference does the metaphor make?
    • Following a guided path.
    • Setting up guard rails. Wide enough to empower but narrow enough to guide.
    • Following a set of blazes.
    • Following footsteps.
  • Sometimes the guardrails are unnecessary or limiting. Sometimes they are freeing. How do we know?

Session Evaluation

More Questions

  • At what point is "Less" not enough? Enhanced Discovery Learning
  • Do our students suffer from learned helplessness? Why? What can we do about it?
  • Throughout the course of the year (or several years), does this approach take more time?
  • Failure
    • How much is too much, how much not enough?
    • Should we scaffold moving students to embrace How?
    • When do we let kids stop/quit/move on?

Other Resources