One of the arts of teaching is knowing when to lead, when to help, and when to let the students figure it out themselves. We take the cliché about being the guide on the side seriously. But, how do you get from student dependence to independence?
Taken from our popular Master Class Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning), this session will engage participants in a series of mini-challenges designed to seed (start) and grow student-owned learning in the classroom. Don’t expect one-size-fits-all answers – but questions, strategies, possibilities, examples, and maybe a few awkward (reflective) silences…
Join us as we explore ways to:

  • Engage and empower students as critical thinkers, questioners, connectors and creators of content
  • Build student repertoire of problem-solving strategies
  • Challenge learners to mine mistakes, wrong turns and “failures” for the richer learning opportunities

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Problem Solving

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    • "A good box is like a lane marker on the highway - a constraint that liberates" (Dan & Chip Heath) Instead of trying to re-imagine learning "outside of the box", try redecorating the box you're in, or test-driving a new one. Structure doesn't have to hamper creativity - it can actually enable it. Providing learners a guardrail can serve to support and free them as they assume more control of their learning path, place, time and/or space.



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