Welcome Connected Learners!


We live in a world that is connected....Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Symbaloo, LinkedIn, Blogger...the list goes on and on. And it isn't just us as is our young people too. In this workshop, Sara Wilkie, Roy McCloud and Darren Kuropatwa will teach you how to get connected on various social media platforms, bookmarking websites, and teleconferencing websites. They will share their own stories about getting connected and how they crafted brands for their learning spaces, schools and themselves. This dynamic team will help you do the same as they walk through step-by-step directions with each platform and resource. You will leave armed with the tools and confidence you need to be a connected educator and learner too.

  1. Participants will learn what it means to be a connected educator.
  2. Participants will become connected with various social networks and online tools.
  3. Participants will create a plan to use social media and online tools to become a connected educator

Our Agenda

3-2-1 Bridge
3-2-1 Bridge

Feeding Yourself... links & video tutorials
More About Blogs
More About Diigo
All About Instagram
All About Pinterest
All About Skype
All About Google Plus
All About Google Hang Outs
More About Twitter
More About Visible Thinking Routines

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