Bedrock Principles

Bedrock Principles
Professional Development
Time Frame:
1 hour (longer if background study needed)
Educators will engage in a Think-Pair-Share-Compare to elicit their bedrock principles of education. We want to do it all. We can't do it all. What should guide our decisions when designing curriculum, classroom lessons/activities/projects/units, and professional development?
  1. Memories
    • Complete a quick Think-Pair-Share about attendees fondest learning memories at school
    • Complete a second quick Think-Pair-Share about attendees fondest learning memories outside of school
    • Whole group - discuss any commonalities/differences between the two
  2. 21st Century
    • Complete a quick Think-Pair-Share on what is different about schools/learning today
      • How similar/different from when they went to school
      • What changes they have seen over the last few years technology-wise
      • What changes they see coming in the future technology-wise
    • Barinstorm a quick list of skills students are likely to need 10 years from now in society and work
    • Watch video - Shift Happens or something similar
  3. Jigsaw -
  4. Questions
    • What ideas could guide decisions in our classroom/school/district?
    • What ideas should be the non-negotiables in your classroom/school/district?
    • How does this fit with existing learning theories? Current state/national standards?
    • How would __ (fill in an educational theorist, guru, practitioner) view these principles?
    • Does the order of importance matter? What if there is a conflict between two or more of these?
  • Add
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • Links to teacher or student examples.


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