Bling v. Bang!

Bling v. Bang! - Where's the Learning? How Can You Tell?
Time Frame:
75 min to full day
When it comes to using technology in the classroom, it’s easy to become distracted by the glitz, glimmer and gimmicks of activities high in “cool factor” but lacking in rigor or academic value. How do we design learning experiences that challenge students at their learning edge and draw on or strengthen their repertoire of digital skills and literacies? How do we “locate the learning” in student-created content and projects? How do we avoid the allure of “BLING” (cool tech tools) and focus on the power of “BANG!” (meaningful student-centered learning). to effectively “widen the walls” of our learning environments?

In this session, participants will explore ways to:
  • Apply TPaCK, SAMR and Activity Types as pedagogical lenses when designing lessons that incorporate technology.
  • Enlist students as “disruptive technologists,” challenging them to find authentic ways to leverage available tools for real learning.
  • Seek balance over time among content acquisition, lifelong learning skills and the development of tool fluency.

  • for 1/2 or full day
    • laptops
    • internet access
  • Proudly Presented at:
    • BLC11
    • BLC12


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