Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning), Chisholm CC

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Welcome! Congratulations on getting here! Your next task is listed below - get started now

Task #1: Team Up! Don't wait for your "teacher", start now!
5 min
  1. Form a team of 3 with people. Bonus points for teams of complete strangers.
    • Materials Manager - pick up cup of materials
    • Recorder - document & tweet process using #chisholmcc (text, images, audio, video, other...?)
    • Speaker - share out to whole group
  2. Create largest structure possible using materials provided
  3. Bonus - tweet a pic of your structure #chisholmcc

Task #2: Think & Share
5 min
  1. Think: What problems do your kids run up against in your class, or school that are not related to content or curriculum?
  2. Write down as many as you can, each on a separate sticky note
  3. Share with your group
  4. Pick 2 toughest from group (don't spend time trying to solve them right now)

Task #3: Think, Partner, Crowd Source
  1. Think: what approach(es) would you suggest to encourage student problem-solving?
  2. Partner: share suggestions with partners and decide on which you will offer to the whole group
  3. Support: post your approaches to the discussion area (click on discussion tab at the top of this page and create a new discussion post. Use your approach as the title for the discussion).

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