Choice Hour Descriptions

BYOD Bring Your Own Apple Device
Got an Apple device? Want to get more out of it? Bring your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or MacBook to learn from friends, websites, , and our very own Apple Distinguished Educator, Jordy Whitmer. Pick your own apps to work on or work with Mr. Whitmer to master Apple's iMovie, Garage Band, Keynote, Pages, etc. (Check out the apps Mr. Whitmer recommends at Warning - this class is NOT for those wanting to play games.

Games Designed From Scratch
Got an itch to learn how to program your own games? Scratch that itch by working through the 9 game design challenges from the book Super Scratch Programming Adventure! Work with Mr. Whitmer or zip along at your own pace. Students who complete all 9 challenges can complete additional challenges designed by Mr. Whitmer or MIT, tweak/hack existing games, or come up with your own completely original game. Buy your own paperback ($13.92) or kindle ($10 .49) copy of the book at Amazon or share one of the class copies.

Plan, Shoot, Edit, Share. Join Mr. Whitmer to learn the basics and a bit more about digital video production. We'll start by analyzing a small set of videos to understand how they were made. Then, you and a couple partners will plan a short movie or set of video clips. Next you will use your own iPhone or iPad with iMovie or share one of our devices to capture your footage. The footage will then be edited in iMovie to add title(s), fx, transitions and possibly voice overs or sound effects. Finally we will publish the videos (done or still in draft format) to YouTube (to a class account or a student account if students are 13+ and have parent permission). Prerequisite: Must be able to work successfully in groups of 3 or 4.

iPhone/iPad Photography
Got an iPhone or iPad? Want to take better pictures? Edit them in creative ways? Share them with friends and family? In this choice hour we’ll cover the basics – camera angles, focusing, lighting. We’ll learn about built-in features like HDR and panoramas. Then we’ll get into editing with the built-in tools, iPhoto, and a handful of free apps. Finally we’ll share the photos using age appropriate tools such as: email, wikis/blogs, Instagram (13+ with parent permission), etc.

Swallow it Whole: Python Game Design
Learning to code is an epic challenge. Work step by step through Python For Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming with Mr. Whitmer. You'll learn the basics "as you experiment with unique (and often hilarious) example programs that feature ravenous monsters, secret agents, thieving ravens, and more." Prerequisites for this class – two quarter commitment, comfort and experience with Scratch.