Creating a Classroom Constitution

Creating a Classroom Constitution
Social Studies | American History | Civics
5th-12th grade
Time Frame:
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  1. Attempt to create a classroom constitution
  2. Learn about the constitutional convention and ratification process
  3. Revisit first attempt at a constitution
  4. Questions
    • Is the class similar to a state and the school similar to a nation or is the better analogy that the class is a municipality, the school a state, and the district the nation?
    • Is the teacher one of the branches of government in the classroom?
    • Does this constitution fit with the overall running of the classroom AND the running of small groups?
    • Could a standard set of classroom rules really be the equivalent of a constitution?
    • How can students or parents amend the constitution?
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • Please include at least one !gnite objective here as well (communication with text and non-text resources, collaboration, higher order thinking skills, problem solving, etc.)
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
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