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Collaborative Essay Writing - In groups of 4, students planned a five paragraph essay on the Constitution from TCI. They put their outlines up on a wiki page (one page per group). They could look at any other groups outlines for ideas and organization, but not wording. Many made revisions to their plans. Then, for homework, each student drafted one of the first four paragraphs. In class, the students edited the four paragraphs and wrote the conclusion. Finally, for homework, each student had to make one further revision to the ideas, organization, or voice of the essay. I learned several lessons while doing this project, but I was impressed with how involved all four students were and the amount of editing they did. The conversations about the Constitution and writing process were impressive.

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  • SAMR level and reflection with rationale: Augmentation - This activity is relatively similar to a traditional 5 paragraph paper. There were a few differences afforded by the tool. The main one is that the students could see how others had structured their outline after posting their own (they all posted at the same time initially). Another difference was that they could use the Discussion tab to ask clarification and probing questions of each other, a sort of peer conferencing, though done virtually and asynchronously. A final difference was that they could see each others' drafts as they were written. (My hope is that they would borrow some ideas.)//