Eat Your Own Dogfood!

Eat Your Own Dogfood! PD (pedagogical development) that walks the talk!
Time Frame:
45 min - 1.5 hrs
PD (pedagogical development) that walks the talk.

Why not re-culture learning for teachers in the same way we are striving to create a new ecology for our students? Come expand your Pedagogical Toolkit, as we consider how teacher PD and student learning can be connected and shared in powerful ways!

Consider learning activity types (aka "PD") designed to reflect strong classroom pedagogy and invite teachers to collaborate on a bootstrapping journey of exploration, questioning, problem-solving, and more! Explore a wide range of activities that model the interplay of content, pedagogy and technology use, each designed to engage learners of all ages in collaborative discussions and structured discourse. Participants will take away a wealth of resources that can be used with students at any level, as well as those that have been used in teacher/student collaborative workshops.
1) Describe the main steps of the activity/lesson/project here
  • Be sure to include an opportunity for students to practice/employ a 21Ct or !gnite skill (see examples below)
    • general example: this is an activity that asks students to "retell" information, and is general enough to be applied across the curriculum
    • more specific example: this is an activity connected with 3rd grade Science - circuits & electricity
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • Please include at least one !gnite objective here as well (communication with text and non-text resources, collaboration, higher order thinking skills, problem solving, etc.)
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • What resources will be needed?
  • Links to teacher or student examples.


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