EngagEd Through Games

EngagEd Through Games
Time Frame:
3 weeks (2x45min)
Students will work in teams to learn a game new to them. While learning, students will also write a short description of the game and create a resource to teach others.
  1. Students will be placed in pairs and the pairs in groups of 4.
  2. Students will select a team name (related to gaming, learning, and teaching)
  3. Teams will select a game (see list below) that is new to all 4 members. Games must be school appropriate and can be playable through the internet, on iPads, iPod touches, etc. so long as all 4 members will have equal access.
  4. Teams will create a wiki page for their game/team using a template (will this work if there are actually 3 pages?)
    • Wiki skills - creating a page using a template, tagging a page, adding text to a wiki page, saving a wiki page
  5. In pairs, students explore/play/learn the game for about half the period each day.
  6. In pairs, students document their exploration/learning. Each wiki page will have a separate section (or better yet a separate page embedded to look like a separate section - that way each pair can write in their journals at the same time) for each pair where they can document their difficulties and solutions
    • difficulties with game, working in pairs, working on a wiki, etc
      • students could also create mini challenges for others within some games, such as line rider, "keep the rider on the sled while doing a loop."
    • solutions to non game difficulties go in journal
    • solutions to game go on main wiki page (see below)
  7. In groups of 4, students will compare journals
  8. Teacher leads a mini lesson on creating screen shots and embedding them on a wiki page
  9. Teacher leads a mini lesson on creating screencasts and embedding them on a wiki page (not the same day as screenshots - unless teaching each skill to 1 teammate)
  10. In groups of 4, after 4 periods of exploration/play/learning, students have 2 periods to add: a summary/review of the game; sections for FAQ, Help, Tutorial, Cheats, etc.; and an embedded discussion at the bottom of the page.
    • Include text directions
    • Include screenshots
    • Include screencasts - screencast-o-matic, CamStudio, QuickTime
  • Common Core or other objectives
    • Math
      • Makes sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
      • Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
      • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
      • Attend to precision.
  • Engage Skills
    • Problem-Solving
    • Teamwork
    • Reflecting
    • Teaching
    • Creating screenshots and screencasts
    • Wiki Editing
      • Creating a wiki page
      • Tagging a wiki page
      • Adding/editing text on a wiki page
      • Adding images, videos, and widgets to a wiki page
  • Wiki Skills - Checklist of elements for their page
  • Teamwork - Introduce Teamwork Rubric
  • Links to teacher or student examples.


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