Exploring Student Roles In Learning

Exploring Student Roles In Learning
Professional Development
Time Frame:
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empowered-learners.jpg1) After working through Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning) starting activities, consider the range of roles (actual and potential) students play in their own learning (create a brainstorm list).

2) Reflect on the work of Alan November, and his emphasis on the benefits of making students contributors to their own learning and the digital learning farm.

3) What roles are your students currently playing as learners in their classroom?
  • What do these roles look like in practice (on the ground, in the every day trenches of teaching and learning in your/their class?)
  • How do these roles reflect your list from the Less Is More activity above?
  • In what way(s) do these roles support a culture of student-owned learning?
  • In what way(s) do these roles invite & encourage collaboration, contributions, and social knowledge building?

4) Growing student roles:
  • To what learning benefit is each role being played?
  • How might these roles be enhanced or developed to provide a stronger learning experience for students?
  • How might available technologies be leveraged to further develop these roles?
  • To what benefit?

5) Consider the set of roles November suggests be made available to students in all classrooms and the resource provided for each:

4) Select a category below and explore additional examples. As you explore, imagine:
5) Take a Leap!
6) Reflect, Revise, Iterate....
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • Please include at least one !gnite objective here as well (communication with text and non-text resources, collaboration, higher order thinking skills, problem solving, etc.)
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
Additional Resources & Examples:


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