Fab Fables Theatre

Fabulous Fables Theatre
Engage & ELA
Time Frame:
6 class periods
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  • Students explore the program Audacity. (You may want to do this after scripting.) By the end of the period, the students should be able to:
    • Set up their microphone (if needed)
    • Record audio with proper levels (medium sized wavelengths)
    • Delete unwanted tracks
    • Delete unwanted parts of an audio track
    • Save their Audacity Project
    • Export their project as an mp3
  • Students select and read short fables/storiesfrom Gutenberg such as: (Or, try Arnold Lobel's Fables)
    • The Lion And The Mouse
    • The Ants and the Grasshopper
    • The Hare and the Tortoise
    • The Boy and the Filberts
    • The Mischievous Dog
    • The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf
    • The Lion and the Hare
    • The Hen and the Golden Eggs
    • The Fox and the Grapes
    • The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
    • The North Wind and the Sun
    • The Miller, His Son, and Their Ass
  • Students draft script on wiki (or draft in word and upload at end of each period so partners can work on it at home if they want)
  • Feedback 1 - Students provide another pair (possibly presenting the same fable/story) with feedback on their script using the wiki discussion tool
  • Students revise script as necessary
  • Students record and edit their script in Audacity (or GarageBand if using Macs)
    • Extension option - Add sound effects with their voice or Audacity fx
  • Feedback 2 - Students provide the other pair presenting the same fable/story with feedback on their recording
  • SStudents rerecord and edit their project as needed
  • Students upload their finished recording to their Engage wiki pages (make sure they use the proper naming scheme that includes their username)
  • Sharing - 1 class period to listen and offer positive feedback using the wiki discussion tool
  • GLCE's
    • W.GN.04.01 - This could be a precursor stage to meeting this GLCE
    • W.PR.04.04
    • W.PR.04.05
    • W.AT.04.01
  • enGauge
    • Collaborative writing and editing - writing done in pairs and editing done with another pair via online discussion tools (wiki)
    • Teamwork - working with a partner, working in a group of 4
    • Multimodal tools - learning to use Audacity to record and share audio
    • Problem-solving - students teach themselves how to use Audacity and solve problems when recording and sharing their audio
    • Interactive Communication - students use wiki discussion tool for editing
    • High Productivity - students will strive for a quality audio recording
This is our first project of the year. Assessment will be informal and formative. The partner, teacher, and partner pairs will each offer feedback throughout the process of scripting, recording, and sharing.
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