enGuage Framework, Metiri Group

Partnership for 21 Ct Learning


How do we come to recognize, understand and take advantage of the unique capabilities of these and other tools in learning, and in ways that truly make a difference to our learners?

Thought Leaders

Alan November, Author & International Learning Consultant

Art Costa & Ben Kalick
16 Habits of Mind

Carol Dweck, Author

Cathy Davidson, Author
Now You See It

Dan Pink, Author
  • Drive
  • A Whole New Mind

Derek Wenmoth, CORE Education, NZ

Donald Clark, CEO and co-founder Epic Group plc,

Frasier Speirs

Henry Jenkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University Southern California

John Seeley Brown, Univ Southern California

Mark Gleeson, Educator

Michael Wesch, Kansas State University

Punya Mishra, Michigan State University

Ruben Puentendura, Massachusetts

Tony Wagner, Seven Survival Skills