History of ... in X Objects

History of the Ancient World in X Objects
History of the Early United States in X Objects
Social Studies
Modifiable for any, but written for 6th or 8th grade
Time Frame:
2 classperiods
As a summary of a chapter, unit, or year students will create a virtual museum and podcast. The core of the project will be objects (including primary documents) that students feel represent the interesting/important/influential events/aspects of their time period.
  1. Prior Knowledge - Students will have already studied the chosen time period.
  2. T-P-S: What objects might exemplify interesting/important/influential events/aspects of their time period? (Pictures from their earlier resources would be a good starting point.) Post the full list on a class wiki page.
  3. Use a Top 10 Forum to determine which objects represent the most interesting/important/influential events/aspects. Cut the list down to the number of pairs of students you have in the classroom.
  4. Have students select an object to research. Notes should be taken on a wiki page (WikiNotes).
  5. Pairs of students write an outline or script for their podcast.
  6. Students record their podcasts and post it along with a photo at the top of their wiki page.
  7. Optional - Set up a blog/podcast to feed the students work to iTunes.
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • Please include at least one !gnite objective here as well (communication with text and non-text resources, collaboration, higher order thinking skills, problem solving, etc.)
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • What resources will be needed?


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