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Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Super Heroes
Grabber - Video from the Incredibles?
(fade clip @ 4 min.)
Overview of 3 days
Groundrules for groupwork - give students a voice
T- kids write down 1 'team rule'
S- share with homeroom team & create list of top 2,3,4?
S/Discuss- whole group

  • Name Superheroes, superstars, heroic people

In Tech Teams (Moodle Forum, Inspiration, Audacity, add still cams if available)
  • In teams of 4, discuss which superhero, heroic person, or superstar you would want to be and why. Make sure to discuss strengths and weaknesses of each possible choice before making a decision.
  • In teams of 4, using the designated tool, describe your team's selection and why that person was selected.
  • post this? save
  • Sharing - How should we do this? Back in school teams, have each person show others what their tech team created? Yes - get them sharing/exchanging across groups -- we'll need to walk through & be available to assist accessing forums, podcasts, Inspiration files

Interviews (this may spread into afternoon)
  • In pairs from school, interview each other about personal strengths (in school and out). We will need a set of possible interview questions for this, should the class brainstorm them? Yes, asking Q's to get information is a definite skill - should we have a few Q's on hand, just in case?
Movie Reviews

What if each school and grade level (8 total) each watched a different short? Then, their task would be how to write a creative review of it that included a summary (no spoilers allowed) of the story. Then, teams could watch 2-4 other teams stories and comment on the teams review, focusing on what they did well.

Moodle for links to movies
Blogs for reviews and comments
Audacity - Optional for groups that think about doing their review orally.

Flip reflection Q: T-P-S, b2b
What is one problem (technical or team) your group overcame yesterday?
What is one tool you want to learn more about? How would you use it?
Sit back-to-back and write answers on inde card
share answers w/ team
use flip to record (every member drive once)
play back movies to small group to be sure they work

Prior Knowledge:
Individual, then Whole class - What's your favorite movie?
Small group - Why did you like it? Or, what did you like about it?
Small group - Brainstorm characteristics of good movies.
Small group - Would your list look different if we asked you to make a list about what makes a good book?

That was designed to get your brains going. Now, with your teams, you are going to be our class movie critics, like Ebert & Roeper.

Teams watch a given Pixar short.
Teams summarize the story
Teams discuss the movie/story based on the characteristics from earlier.
Teams draft a movie review with Microsoft Word. (This will be hard, how do we get it so one person isn't writing it by themselves?)
This is a real struggle with cooperative group work and a great thing for the teachers to experience (wk#1) and observe (wk #2). We could have group members pick roles & rotate throughout activity (every member in every role). We could challenge the teams to find a strategy for this themselves (and watch what they do).
Teams post movie reviews and links to their movie in blog.

Whole class discussion - Positive feedback

In pairs, students watch and comment on 2-3 other groups' reviews.
Best Vacation in Michigan

Grabber - Slideshow of Michigan landmarks, geography, attractions, etc.
• The Pure Michigan campaign might work for this -- some clips are better (kid-wise) than others
• Or this might be better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w316aA8ed8 (we could dub in names of MI towns the kids would recognize!)

Brainstorm with Inspiration – Think-Pair-Share
• What makes a good vacation? (from kid perspective, siblings perspective, parents perspective)

Teams will peruse a set of Del.icio.us links to 8-10 possible Michigan destinations.
http://www.midnr.com/edu/flash/DNRKids/KidsCool.html - state parks
http://www.exploringthenorth.com/lights/lights.html - light houses in the UP
http://www.miadventure.com/ - amusement park
http://www.pa.msu.edu/abrams/Index.html - planetarium @ MSU =O)
http://www.aahom.org/for_kids_families/ - children's museum

Team Decision on Criteria (top 3-4)
• Teams choose 3-5 criteria to score the possible destinations

Team Research
• Read/browse information on top sites (each participant can select at least 1, team should select at least 4)
• Gather information to fill in matrix (based on discussion of what makes a good vacation)

Team Decision Making
• Team decides how to select their vacation destination (what if they all agree, what if there is not complete agreement)
• Team selects their vacation destination and lists their reasons in bullet form
Creating a composite team "superhero" using strengths from each participant (maybe two, one for school strengths and one for afterschool strengths)
  • Discuss strengths learned from interviews
  • Draw composite pictures
  • Take photos of composite pictures
  • Record an audio explaining the drawings
  • Create an Inspiration map expressing the team's strengths.
  • Post results in Moodle forum.

  • Team skills
  • Tech skills
  • What it's like having the teacher as a student in your group or what's it like when you have to solve problems within your group instead of asking the teacher what to do.
Characters from Books, Movies, Videogames, real life, etc.
Tools: All from before, plus Flips

What's an encyclopedia?
What is a wiki (demo wikipedia)
show 'wikis in plain english'

Create a mini-encyclopedia just about characters from books, movies, video games, etc.

In pairs, make wiki page about that character
add text, pictures, sound, movies, character description, etc

Visit other class wikis:
Wiki Gardening (see sheet for details to add to presentation)

Moodle for links
MS Word for drafting
Blog for reviews
Group work

Classroom Version - Book reviews if reading is the goal or it could be more general media reviews (games, movies, websites, books, etc.) if writing/ communicating is the goal.
Team Communication

• Whole-group: Brainstorm how teams might communicate their selection and reasoning using the tools the teams have used for the last 2 days.
• Teams use tools (which ones?- we talked about using flips, digitals & audio) to describe their vacation, making sure to explain how they made their decision.
• Teams also create a commercial/advertisement for their locale (video, billboard or radio ads).

• In pairs, students “read” other team’s choices and comment on at least 2.