Inquiry and Problem-Solving


1. Task Definition / Questioning

What do I need to do? or What question(s) do I need to answer?
  • Define the problem, challenge, or question
  • Identify information needed to solve the problem, challenge, or question

2. Strategies / Planning

What method(s) or resource(s) can I use?
  • Determine the range of possible methods or resources (brainstorm)
  • Evaluate the different possible methods or resources
  • Select the best method(s) or source(s)

3. Information Gathering

How can I gather the information? Where can I find these resources?
  • Gather source(s)
  • Find information within source(s)

4. Use of Information

What can I use from these resources?
  • Read, listen to, watch, observe, or touch the information in a source
  • Extract relevant information from source(s)

5. Synthesis / Representation

How can I organize & show what I've learned?
  • Sort, sift, and analyze information from source(s)
  • Make connections
  • Present (or represent) the information

6. Evaluation / Reflection

How will I know I did my job well?
  • Assess the product of the process
  • Reflect on the problem-solving process
  • Reflect on your interactions with others