Sara Wilkie I @sewilkie

Learning to Learn: the 'Why Bother?' of Documentation and Reflection

We don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.” – John Dewey
This session supports preschool learners through adult learners. Participants will develop their individual roadmaps for implementing documentation and reflection on a daily basis. Discussion and examples of successful efforts will be the focus of the session. The key elements of documentation and reflection include the meta-cognitive skills of:

  • Questioning as a guide for learning
  • Reflecting on effort and achievement
  • Self-monitoring and self-assessment
  • Sharing learning with the world


Dear Me

Getting Started

Airplane Activity

Digging In

  • Sharing & Synthesizing Ideas
  • Team Roles
  • Iterative Process
  • Role of Documentation & Reflection

Digging Deeper: What's the Why-Buy?
Collecting vs. Connecting Dots

Questions as a Guide for Learning (getting meta with documentation & reflection)

Metacognition, Nurturing Self-Awareness in the Classroom, Edutopia
  • What was easiest for me to learn about this task? Why?
  • What was more difficult? Why?
  • What study strategies worked for me? What didn't? What will I do differently?
  • Who am I as a learner?
  • What are my learning strengths?
  • What areas challenge me?

Self-Monitoring & Assessment

  • Effort & Achievement rubric, Marzano
  • Documentation & Reflection Prompts
  • Documenting in multi-media (audio, still images, video, text...)
    • What, When, How, Why Bother? (in the context of my own learning)
  • Learner Questions for Critical Content, J. Hattie
    • What are our learning targets?
    • What are today's goals?
    • What do I already understand that will help me achieve these goals?
    • What actions will I need to take to ensure I achieve these goals?
    • What evidence might I collect to inform my next steps?

Routines & Daily Practices

Identifying Critical Content, Marzano Centers
Visible Thinking Routines
KWHLAQ - template
Question Stems & Starters

Documenting to Amplify & Learn with the World

Additional Resources:

Documentation Of, For, As Learning, S. Tolisano
Moving to Digital Student Portfolios, K. Yezbick
Stop Stealing Dreams, Seth Godin TED Talk
Electronic Portfolio Site, H. Barrett
What Works In Education, Wiggins on Hattie
Documentation & Reflection, Peep & the Big Wide World
Effort & Achievement Mini-lesson
What's Your Question