Lenses for Learning

Lenses for Learning
Time Frame:
1 hr to full day
The SAMR model identifies four levels of use: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. Created to help teachers move from the promise of what devices can do to the reality of their application in teaching and learning, SAMR connects how we use a technology or device to potential learner outcomes. When paired with technology, pedagogy and content knowledge (TPaCK), it creates an especially powerful perspective for reconsidering instruction and learning design. As designers of learning experiences, what perspective can be gained through the use of models like SAMR and TPaCK? How might the relationship between the two create a stronger yet practical potential for meaningful shifts in teaching and learning? How do these models compare to others? We'll embark on a critical exploration of these models, questions and more, as we consider design elements and process changes inherent in lessons at each level along the SAMR continuum. As opposed to a How-To… "training", this session has been intentionally created as an opportunity to explore, question and connect experiences and resources, think a little more deeply about our roles in the design process, and to possibly tweak our view of technology in instruction and learning.



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