Sara Wilkie I @sewilkie

Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning): Helping Students Realize the True Potential and Power of “Yet”!

One of the arts of teaching is knowing when to lead, when to help, and when to let the students figure it out themselves. We take the cliché about being the guide on the side seriously. But, how do you really move from learner dependence to independence in any environment?

Based off our lessons learned from creating Thinkering Studio and our popular Master Class, Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning), this session will engage participants in a strategy-building session of how to seed (start), scaffold and grow student-owned learning (and survive!). Don’t expect one-size-fits-all answers – but questions, strategies, possibilities, examples, and maybe a few awkward (reflective) silences…

Whatever your role, please join us as we explore ways to:
  • Engage and empower learners as critical thinkers, questioners, collaborators, connectors and creators of content
  • Challenge learners to mine mistakes, wrong turns and “failures for the richer learning opportunities embedded within
  • Build student repertoire of problem-solving strategies
  • (re)Imagine the increasing range of teacher and student roles in the learning process
  • Identify and consider critical and recursive elements of building culture and learning design that support students as they develop habits of practice
  • Consider reproduces scaffold the process and build capacity of all learners over time

We Believe

LEGO Challenges

Problem Solving Strategies


Teacher Role(s)?

  • What roles do teachers and leaders assume in this kind of learning environment?
  • How is this different from the traditional roles they have played?