Low Floor, Wide Walls, and a High Ceiling


  • "Technology needs to provide us with a low floor (an easy way to get started) and a high ceiling (lots of possibilities for taking things even further). There also needs to be wide walls, so that projects can be extended into other domains ..." - Mitch Resnick

  • "The Lego programming language is often described as having a low floor and high ceiling: it is easy for novices to get started (low floor) and possible for experts to work on increasingly sophisticated projects (high ceiling). In our own work (especially in recent years), we have put less emphasis on high ceilings and more emphasis on what might be called “wide walls.” That is, we have tried to design technologies that support and suggest a wide range of different explorations." Mitch Resnick and Brian Silverman


  • What tools fit all three criteria of low floor, wide walls, and a high ceiling by themselves?
  • What tools could be combined to meet all three? What tools could be combined to go beyond the metaphor of a simple room to one of a whole house?
  • In most cases, is it more important to have wide walls or a high ceiling?
  • What tools represent "best of breed" that only match one of the three elements?

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