Multimodal Science Lab Investigation/Digital Lab Report

Multimodal Science Lab Investigation/Digital Lab Report
Time Frame:
time required to complete general science lab
Students will use wiki page template to record lab experiment, using multiple modes to post/communicate their investigative question, materials, procedures & hypothesis, document their experiment, record their data, share their findings, etc.
1) Introduce students to lab template
  • *Optional:
    • review multiple modes for communicating information
    • brainstorm & discuss elements of tool flexibility and benefits/drawbacks of video, audio, images, text within certain contexts

2) Have each student pair/group create a new page using the desired template (see samples linked below, or revise to create your own)

3) Student pairs/groups complete anticipatory elements of lab report (investigative question, hypothesis, materials, procedures, etc.)

4) Student pairs/groups consider hypothesis posted by another group and use discussion tab to agree or politely disagree with their prediction. Posts should include rationale and evidence to support positions.

5) As student pairs/groups move through lab investigation, they record their work in their wiki digital lab report, using selected modes of communication (audio, video, image, text...)

6) Each pair/group posts their results, analysis and conclusion to their digital lab report.

7) Student/pairs groups return to discussion tab partners (see step 4) and consider the results of that team's investigation. Using the discussion tab on that team's page, students respond to each of the following questions. Be sure to remind students to include rationale and evidence to support their responses.
  1. How do their results and conclusion compare to the predictions you made for their investigation?
  2. In what way(s) does your team agree/disagree with their findings?
  3. What could have influenced their results? (variables)
  4. Consider the questions posted by this group. What ideas or resources can your team offer theirs for digging up the answers?
  5. *What tools did this group use to complete their lab report?
  6. *What are the advantages/disadvantages of using different tools, in addition to text?

* Reflections could be done...
  • in anticipation of digital lab report
  • as a reflection piece(s) in process
  • as reflection piece at close of activity
  • in consideration of, or preparation for future digital lab reports
  • all of the above
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • !gnite objectives
    • communication with text and non-text resources
    • collaboration
    • reflection
    • tool flexibility
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
Sample Templates
Student Examples


Use the Embed Widget tool to add a Discussion Area widget. Bump the number to 100. This will take the comments from the discussion tab and add them to the bottom of the page. This will encourage teacher reflection and modification.