BLC17: #Q2Learn
Students driving their thinking & learning through “Q”uestioning; the essence of an innovative learning environment

Roy McCloud I @roybps
Sara Wilkie I @sewilkie

The Common Core standards are all about staking a “Claim” and finding “Evidence”. Is that enough? Or do students also need to ask questions, identify problems and share thinking? Students making their own meaning is not a new idea, but the advent of the Internet has reintroduced it as a growing tenet of innovative and thoughtful learning environments. Today our challenge is to determine how to provide learners the time, confidence and mental space to create meaning.
Inspired by Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile, this session is specifically designed to consider effective questioning techniques and student-led discussion strategies as vehicles for advancing student learning rather than for assessing or checking their understanding.
Join us as we explore strategies and share resources for developing learning routines:
  • to make students’ questions and thinking more accessible for exploring, discussing, connecting and synthesizing
  • to enhance student-led discussions where all students are engaged in the conversation and thinking
  • to nurture a learning culture of inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk takers

Wednesday July 26, 2017 10:20am - 11:25 am
White Hill - 4th Floor Boston Park Plaza

Thursday July 27, 2017 4:00pm - 5:05 pm
Whittier - 4th Floor Boston Park Plaza
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Welcome to our 2 hats.jpgthinking session: learners & leaders


(re)Thinking Questioning

Providing Permission & Room to Wonder


Session Questions:

  • How are we helping learners slow their thinking down?
  • What assumptions do we make when 'blink' thinking?
  • How might student-generated questions be leveraged to slow thinking and strengthen learning?
    • What kinds of questions are learners asking?
    • What information are they finding as a result?
    • What new questions come as a result of this information?
    • What do learners gain from this cycle?
    • What patterns surface over time?
  • How do we create a culture of constructive inquiry?
    • "Right now I think..."
    • "Is this your first thinking, or your best thinking?"
    • "What makes you say that?"
    • BalancEdTech Q starts...
  • How and how often are learners encouraged/expected to revise their questions? Their thinking?
  • When, as an instructor/facilitator/leader, do we ensure time and space to leverage student questions?
  • What kind of online tools and digital environments support student development of questioning, categorizing & synthesizing skills?
  • More...?