Shaping Perspectives:

Exploring Examples in Practice:

  • Where do you see elements or evidence of the following (Big 7) in each example?
    • Problem Identification & Solving - learners find and word a question, problem, challenge and plan for process
    • Multimodal Communication - learners engage in multimodal ‚Äúreading & writing, including consumption, creation, communication, connection & contribution
    • Exploration - learners explore, play, make, inquire/research, iterate and F.A.I.L (First Attempt, now Iterate and Learn)
    • Student Directed Learning - learners self-plan, direct, manage and assess
    • Reflective Learning - learners reflect on the process through self-assessment
    • Critical Feedback - learners offer and welcome critical feedback from self, peers and teacher
    • Role Expansion - learners move in & out of the roles of learner and teacher/expert; learners and teachers all have expertise

How Might We...?

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