SAMR - Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, & Redefinition

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  • How does this compare to other models? ETaP, LoTi, Arizona Technology Integration Matrix, or Florida Technology Integration Matrix
  • Is Redefinition easier to imagine outside of the classroom/school/school day? If we follow the mantra of integrating the technology or having the technology serve the content/common core, can we actually achieve redefinition?
  • Should SAMR be viewed more as a continuum?
  • Are there any methods/techniques that generally move an activity up a level? (App smashing? Publishing for feedback? Interdependent collaboration?)
  • Is Redefinition different for a 20+ year teacher with little tech experience versus a 20+ year teacher comfortable and experienced with a wide variety of technologies and activities, versus a new teacher who is a "digital native" with classroom technology versus a new teacher who only uses technology for personal use?
  • Are modification and redefinition more likely to happen the higher up in Bloom's Taxonomy the task is? (Is this because schools, despite their claims, don't get there often enough?)
  • Are modification and redefinition more likely to happen with cross-disciplinary work? With project based learning? With inquiry based learning? With self-directed learning?
  • Are modification and redefinition more likely to happen with projects that involve a variety of technologies at different stages? That integrate output from a variety of technologies?
  • Are modification and redefinition more likely to happen with projects that capitalize on the unique affordances of a technology? Are you likely to get beyond substitution if you use a technology that addresses a constraint of the traditional method/technology?
  • Are modification and redefinition more likely to happen with projects designed for skills important for today?
  • Are modification and redefinition more likely if we redefine writing (multimodal, hypertextual, within networked communities, created by more than one person, published more broadly) and reading (reading books, web sites, blogs, forums, txts, tweets; infographics ...; consuming multimodal content; following hypertext; ...)?
  • How does looking at existing practices through the lens of SAMR compare to examining them through other lenses such as TPaCK, Bloom's, Habits of Mind, etc? Do you need to combine multiple angles to really assess what you are or might do? A sort of 3D perspective.


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