Student Portfolios

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Getting Started:

Why Digital Portfolios?
  • 24/7 access
  • promote metacognition
  • students curate, organize and expand content
  • potential global audience of readers & reviewers
  • pathway for students to explore their learning through documentation, reflection, questioning, feedback, self-monitoring and assessment, and goal-setting
  • "ePortfolios are much more than digital archives or collections of seemingly unconnected artifacts. ePortfolios provide a method for “learners to explore and reflect on their knowledge by asking critical questions about where and how their knowledge was derived and what to learn next . . . ePortfolios provide a lens for examining these questions and a means to put answers into practice.” (Light, Chen, Ittelson, 2012)

  • Why My Six Year Olds Have Digital Portfolios, Kathy Cassidy

Portfolios For and As Learning:
  • Portfolios for Learning (Positivist)
    • often a short-term or capstone-style project
    • assessed summatively
    • showcase portfolio
    • samples of students' best work

  • Portfolios as Learning (Constructivist)
    • process-centered
    • typically an extended timeframe
    • assessed formatively
    • student leverage to reflect, self-monitor and self-assessment

Getting Started:




  • Grades 3-8
    • My students just started working on their "portfolios" for our Student Led conferences. We have a long way to go on the portfolios and the pages they connect to, but it may be worth looking at their drafty drafts. Sample 1 & Sample 2.
    • Multi year portfolio sample -


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