LEGO Challenges

What No Longer Matters

  • 7 Survival Skills (Wagner)
  • Deconstruction (Design Team)

Problem Solving Strategies


Teacher Role(s)?

Examples In Practice


Documentation & Reflection


Peer Feedback

Hack Your Act(ivity)

DRAFT template
please make a copy of the template** for your activity
  • Small Shift, Big Impact - what tweak(s) or modification(s) will you make to the activity that will grow toward student centered and owned learning? (think voice & choice from this morning's discussion)
  • Question: How will you know? How will they?
    • Documentation
    • Reflection
  • Challenge: Why Bother?
  • Learn Openly:
  • Contribute Generously: please share your doc w the team

Comfort Zone

Forward Feedback


Peeling Back the Layers

Cross Walks

  • Leader In Me
  • Strategic Plan

Technology Role

  • SAMR
  • TPaCK

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