How about creating 2 rounds of 4-5 activities. We only need 1 station for each event. They get a different partner each round picked out of a hat. Winners get an !gnite t-shirt!

What if we create a wiki page where they can post their products at the close of each activity. Will we have time to 'watch the wiki' before closing out our day? I think they should record their results in Moodle - less public.

Round 1

  1. iPhone Game - Best score from two rounds each of Crash Bandicoot and Topple.
  2. Retell a short story using soundFX using a laptop and a portable mp3 player
  3. Something with PhotoBooth - Maybe using the background screen to put themselves in Boston to create a faked momento from last summer (Mac)
  4. The "Real" !gnite - Make a Wordle using as many !gnite teacher phrases as you can remember. Take a screenshot and post it to Moodle.

Round 2

  1. Make a movie in Kerpoof! (Del) Ann
  2. Create a comic using preselected photos in ToonDoo (Del) Sara
  3. Treasure Hunt using GoogleEarth (Del) Sara

  1. Draw a scaled cartoon using an LCD projector. Use google, wolfram alpha, or a calculator to figure out the scale
  2. Make a 3 song mix with iTunes that all relates to the same (school safe) topic. Burn a CD. Then that CD gets played later and everyone has to guess what the three songs have in common. (Mac)
  3. Create a song with Magic Garageband (Mac)
  4. Skype - How many people can you contact in the time provided? (Del)
  5. Lemonade Stand