Idea Stub

Telenovela Video Skit

Introduction: Fill in a short paragraph explain what they will learn and why.

Task: To create an interesting, informative and accurate skit in the style of a Telenovela.

1. a) Watch parts of a telenovela and examine how it was made (shots, dialogue, setting, etc.)
b) Brainstorm possible scenarios/scenes for their skits – Assign topic selection as homework if the groups don’t reach an agreement
2. Script (using a two-column format) the skit – Assign the script as homework if they don’t finish
3. Practice the skit (with DV cameras if possible)
4. Tape the skit and Import into iMovie
5. Edit the skit in iMovie
6. Present movies to class (and eat palomitas)

a. iMovie
b. Atomic Learning tutorials for iMovie
c. Sample script
d. Sample video
e. Blank script (if students are not working on them on the computer)
f. Clips from a real telenovela (possibly with a script)
g. DV Cameras
h. Tapes
i. Tripods
j. Student’s props or costumes
k. Audio CD’s???

I think you need a rubric I can help you with this too if you want.

1. The media center should have at least 3 video cameras (maybe 5 now)
2. I can lend you 4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 4-6 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.