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  • add cues & questions here
  • add notes & quotes here
  • add summary here
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  1. ´┐╝Notes - use the notetaking column to record the lecture using bullet points or quotes - feel free to take multimodal notes (audio, video, images, maps, concept maps, etc.)
  2. Cues
    • Summarize the notes into single words or phrases
    • Draw pictures
    • Ask yourself questions about notes you don't quite understand (clarifying questions) or "I wonder ..." questions
    • Ask yourself questions based on the notes for later studying
  3. Summary (later the same day or the next day)
    • Outline the main ideas
    • Draw a concept map showing the connection between ideas
  4. Later studying
    • Cover the notes column. Restate the ideas/facts, in your own words, or answer the questions - keep this to 10 minute chunks of time and try to study in different locations each time
    • Reflect
      • How does this relate to other things I already know or have experienced
      • What are the biggest ideas or principles this all connects to?
      • Why is this important?
      • What was surprising?
      • How can I use/apply this?