HowTo - Prepare for a Quiz or Test

How much should I study at a time? 10-15 minute intervals. In different locations.

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Write Your Own Questions

Use the Question Types handout along with your notes (or textbook) to make up questions that might be on the quiz. Over time, you should get better at anticipating the types of questions your teacher is likely to ask.

Make a Concept Map (or set of maps) or Mind Map

Use pencil and paper, Inspiration or MyWebspiration to show how the concepts of your topic relate to each other. To learn more about concept mapping click here or to learn more about mind mapping click here .

Create a Multimodal Glossary

Use pencil and paper, index cards, or a wiki to create a multimodal glossary of the important concepts of your topic.


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  • Rhymes - Thirty days hath September ...
  • Silly sentences - Every good boy deserves fudge

Graphic Organizers

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Rewrite Notes

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Flash Cards

Flash cards are good for short term memorizing, not for understanding. Add in a related symbol/picture and memory is likely to improve (see multimodal glossary).

Play Games

Learn to Outsmart The Test