Think-Pair-Share is a teaching technique first promoted by Frank Lyman and since modified by many others (Spencer Kagan, Visible Thinking, etc.).

Basic Steps:
  1. Teacher asks a (hopefully open-ended) question or poses a problem
  2. Teacher gives the students X amount of time to think about the question/problem by themselves.
  3. Teacher gives the students X amount of time to discuss their answer, thoughts, and/or process with a partner, hopefully clarifying, challenging, and synthesizing their ideas
  4. Students share their ideas with another pair or with the whole class

  • Have individual students write/draw their answer on an index card, piece of paper, journal, etc. (this can help focus students and provide some accountability) before they pair
  • Have pairs write/draw a synthesized answer with elements from each individual answer delineated in some way
  • Have partner share answer instead of the student themselves
  • If sharing with another pair at their table, Kagan calls this Think-Pair-Square, have the students share in a roundtable method
  • Think-Pair-Share Variations

Low Tech & Tech Infused

Low Tech:
  • 1 minute questions
  • Index cards
  • Journals
Low Tech:
  • Discuss with a partner
  • Rally Robin
Low Tech:
  • Whole group discussion
  • Socratic seminar
  • Round Robin
  • Jigsaw
Tech Infused:
  • Inspiration - Rapid Fire
  • Moodle Forum - Question/Answer
  • Blog reply
Tech Infused:
  • Moodle Forum replies and questions
  • Blog replies and questions
Tech Infused:
  • Wiki pages
  • Moodle forum - participant run socratic seminar