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Learning Journals, Portfolios, Wikis, etc.

"We do not learn from experience ... we learn from reflecting on experience." John Dewey


  • Why should students journal? (Many would rather not.) Why should students create a portfolio? (Some would rather not.)
  • Should students journal or create a portfolio or both?
  • How often should students work on their journals/portfolios?
  • Which type(s) of portfolios make sense for your class/project?
  • Should portfolios be "owned" by the student, teacher, school or district? Should they be transferable if a student leaves? Should they grow K-12 and include all classes? Should teachers agree on which tools to use (less cognitive overhead for the students)?
  • If students are using photographs and videos, how much, if any, training should be provided? When? What counts as "good enough" for photos and videos? Are other devices such as tripods necessary?
  • Which tools lend themselves best to the type of journal/portfolio your students are making? (Create an Affordances & Constraints Chart for each. Consider reading Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities.)
    • How do you "lower the floor" so that journals/portfolios enhance the experience rather than override the students' projects? How do you avoid interrupting a learner's flow?


Sample Student Work

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