Thinkering Studio & Engage (7/8)

How is Thinkering Studio similar and different from Engage?
  • Similarities
    • Both emphasize process & product
    • Emphasize technology integration
    • Emphasize formal & informal collaboration, in person and electronically, synchronously and asynchronously (but Engage emphasizes it more)
    • Share many of the same influences, though to different degrees (see below)
  • Differences
    • Thinkering Studio - Projects are student selected, self-directed, & self-paced
    • Engage - 3 of 4 projects each year are selected by the teachers, though there are elements of student choice and self-directed learning
      • "Schools have a sacred obligation to introduce children to things they don’t yet know they love." Stager
    • Engage - Focuses on the enGauge skills
    • Thinkering Studio - Meets twice a week from 90-100 minutes
    • Engage - Meets 4 days a week for 200+ minutes
    • Thinkering Studio - an elective - skills learned may translate to other classes
    • Engage - a core class - skills learned by students benefit all other classes
    • Thinkering Studio - Students maintain a weekly journal (planning & reflection) and a personal portfolio
    • Engage - Planning and reflection are specific activities/discussions designed by the teacher for each project
    • Thinkering Studio - Most heavily influenced by Writers Workshop, studio based learning, self-directed learning (think Big Picture Schools), 3M's 15% Time
    • Engage - Most heavily influenced by enGauge, Constructionism, Fablabs, Makerspaces,
    • Thinkering Studio - Primary evaluation comes from Effort & Achievement Rubric, Self-Created Rubrics, and elements from the Thinkering Studio rubric chosen by the students
    • Engage - Evaluation instruments are designed for each project & there is a focus on the Group Skills rubric

How is Thinkering Studio similar & different from Re:Make?
  • Thinkering Studio - Projects can be any topic/challenge/question/problem where students can show they are learning, so long as they are school appropriate
  • Re:Make - Projects must involve making or remaking/hacking something
  • Thinkering Studio - Projects can last any length of time from a day to a month to a year or more
  • Re:Make - Projects must be completed during the 4th marking period
  • Thinkering Studio - Individual and pair projects predominate
  • Re:Make - Pair and small group projects predominate