Thinkering Studio - Pedagogy

Teacher Directed Learning
Thinkering Studio

  • Students complete self-assessment at start of course
  • In peer groups, students describe themselves using self-assessment
  • Throughout course, students revisit self-assessment, reflecting on changes in Thinkering Studio and outside of class
Teacher decides goals/objectives
Teacher plans and directs
Project Proposals
  • Students decide goals and objectives (teacher can negotiate proposals/evaluation)
  • Students plan and direct with feedback from teacher and peers

  • Students plan weekly
  • Students reflect weekly

Critique Sessions
  • Peer groups run a formal critique session for 1 student/group's project bi-weekly or as students request (teacher present to lead/guide session as needed)

  • At least once a marking period, students update their eportfolios
  • Portfolios used for student led conferences with parents
Formal Assessment
  • Teacher grades quizzes/tests, assignments, homework, and participation
Formal Assessment
  • Students assess themselves based on project proposal
  • Students assess themselves weekly in journal for effort and achievement
  • Teacher grades students in class effort and achievement after reading journal and meeting with student

  • Teacher and student conference about project proposal before student starts any new project
  • Teacher and student mini-conference on a bi-weekly basis to update teacher on student progress