Thinking Space - Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education

Thinkering Studio Connections

  • Some teachers use Open Studio and Closed Studio time. How does that work when students could be in such totally different parts of the process? Kids that are brainstorming and maybe looking for a partner need to talk. Students stuck on a problem might need to talk. Students who have completed a project need to talk or present.
  • By constraining options, teachers can focus thinking in a particular direction. Does this belong as a part of Thinkering Studio, or does it truly need to be open? Students already have art, Engage, Engineering Tech, etc. This too could be a class where skills with certain tools are taught/practiced, but where else do the students get to experience full choice? (re:Make, anywhere else?) Are the skills they do practice enough? (Choice, problem-solving, planning, reflection). Need to make critiquing a bigger part. What about setting up smaller groups of 3-4 to critique each others projects once a month. Group projects would get feedback 2-3 times a month if the students weren't in the same crit group.
  • Add "disposition to" to the Thinkering rubric. Inclination & Alertness to opportunities (Perkins)
  • What about links to professional examples of projects - affordances constraints?
  • In Thinkering they don't see the work being created like they do in art
  • "Critiques of works in progress can help students hold their initial plans more loosely and consider different ways of completing their work. Critiques of finished works or bodies of work can help students think and talk about what they have accomplished and imagine the next challenges they might face." Pp 19-20.
  • "Students must put their reflections into words as they are asked to describe their working process and products, and to explain and evaluate their artworks."
  • "... they focus attention on students' work and working processes. And second, Critiques are explicitly social. Could they be done part in person and part in an online forum?
  • What about creating a form like we used for video for new projects and overall plans/goals. Title, Project Challenge/Goal/Question, What they expect to learn, Resources/Sources of inspiration or help. materials, main steps, length of time, has anyone else done this in Thinkering, existing examples.