Today's Learners

Today's Learners
Professional Development
Professional Development
Time Frame:
1 hour
Participants will examine their past, their anecdotal evidence about today's learner, and articles (including current research). Then they will compare their experiences and opportunities with those of today's learner and consider how that affects their classroom.
  1. You may want to complete the Technology Timeline activity before or as a part of this session.
  2. Who are we?
    • In pairs of roughly similar age, list the technologies used by the teacher or yourself when you were a student (at school and at home) that are no longer used in the left side of the left circle of the Venn Diagram and those that are still used today in the overlapping part of the circles.
  3. Who are they?
  4. Comparison
    • Which are no longer used? Why do you think so?
    • Which tools did you use that are still used?
    • Which tools are only available to today's students?
  5. Continuum? Disconnect?
  6. Implications?
    • Though the terms are loaded and inaccurate, How can an immigrant "teach" a native?
  • Appreciation for the opportunities afforded to students by today's technologies and how they compare to their own era
  • Understanding that those experiences will result in different students from yesteryear in some regards
  • Nuanced understanding of what today's learners might be like and an open mind toward observing their students
  • Appreciation for how the activities and technologies they choose and avoid will affect the students' opportunities to learn
How will you assess the teacher's learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
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