Top 10 Forum

Top 10 Forum
3rd and Up
Time Frame:
5 minutes to a class period
This is a general activity that can be used for many topics. It can be a quick activity where students are posting their preferences or initial ideas or it could be used to have an in depth "conversation."
1) Individually, in pairs, or in small groups, students list their Top 10 (Top 3 or Top 5 work better for some topics). This can be done on index cards first and then put into a Moodle forum or put directly into a forum. You may want to consider making this a Q&A forum if they are entering directly into Moodle. This may be the only step needed if you are using this to collect information or as a way to gather students initial thoughts before a larger lesson.

2) Individually or in pairs, students read and comment on other groups' posts. This is an excellent time for students to work on any of the typical reply types (what they agreed with, what they disagreed with and why, questions about the original authors' thinking).

3) Optionally, students can use the rating system to "score" others posts for which they think is the best (other than their own). This pushes them to read each others carefully, though not necessarily as carefully as they would for step 2. But, it might be a precursor step for a whole class discussion.

4) Individually, in pairs, or in small groups, students reassess their original Top 10 and post a revised Top 10, explaining why they removed or added an item.

Optional - Consider having the students create a Photostory that "illustrates" their list.
  • Depends on content - this is a generic activity type
  • Communication - The original posts are relatively straightforward lists, but the replies are where students can show communication skills
  • Depends on content
  • Use Online Discussion Rubric
  • Index cards (optional)
  • Moodle
  • Online Discussion Rubric


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