Tweets Retrospective

Interesting exercise. How many of your tweets are worth saving?

  • You are your calendar. Does your principal's calendar have more time at mtgs or in the classroom?
  • Sometimes the guardrails are unnecessary or limiting. Sometimes they are freeing. How do we know? Get Back In The Box
  • Connected two posts on Questions and Starts. Will use in my next unit/project planning session. Questions and "Starts"
  • If our goal is "technology should be like oxygen", how many amazing opportunities are to be missed? Saddened when I hear.
  • Aren't there times that the tech is so powerful that it occasions new pursuits and is therefore front and center? SAMR's R.
  • But, if my kids get too much open time, they crave reading from a text, answering questions, etc. Funny to point out to them.
  • "The Internet is biased to scale up. Exalt the particular. Not everything scales, should scale or needs to scale." D Rushkoff