Wiki Note Taking:


Potential Constraints:

  • Collaboration is easier. Kids often work in pairs, threes or fours, and they can easily add their notes to the wiki so the rest of the group can see them and work with, question, build upon them.
  • Students can work on notes at home and their partners get their additions immediately.
  • Final projects whether a movie, audio file, concept map, paper, etc. can be uploaded above the notes. Anyone seeing their project can also see parts of their process if they scroll down to the notes or look through the wiki page history.
  • The rest of the class can see what everyone else is up to and using the discussion tab, others can ask questions, make suggestions, or add comments.
  • The notes can be just as multimodal as in pages.
  • Hyperlinks don't take you from one program to another since they are already on the web.
  • I've done this for notetaking on separate research projects, jigsawing the notetaking from the textbook, and for collaborative writing assignments tied to core content.
  • Their processing, not just finished projects become a part of their portfolio.
  • Not as easy for a few students who may prefer taking notes by hand.