iPad Questions To Ask Before & During Implementation

drafty draft - not in any order of importance - should this be divided by role of who should answer?
  • How is this better than what I/we were doing before?
    • How could learning/teaching change with these devices and apps?
    • What new opportunities are available?
    • What learning problems do iPads (help) solve?
    • What tried and true activities/resources should you keep?
    • How will success of the iPad program be measured?
    • Consider creating an ongoing Affordances & Constraints Chart for the iPad and for your key apps
    • Consider delving into the Apps Taskonomy to develop a more nuanced understanding of the application of apps
    • What ratio of consumption to creation are you looking for from the students?
  • What apps should we buy? Are the free ones just as good?
  • Should we use cross platform tools?
  • How do we manage the devices?
  • What learning opportunities will we (the teachers, administrators, & tech support) need to make this successful?
  • How will you introduce this to students? Parents?
  • What will students need to learn about Digital Citizenship? How will they learn it?
  • Are there ways to plan more generic activity types so that teachers do not feel overwhelmed trying to remix their old lessons to incorporate the iPads or creating activities from scratch?
  • How will students share the content they create within their classroom and to the world? Is their audience still primarily their teacher and classmates?
    • How will the students be able to keep copies of their work after the iPads are returned?
  • Are iPads merely another flavor of the month educational fad?
  • Why not netbooks, laptops, or BYOD?
  • Should all your core apps be able to fit on one screen?

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