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Before !gnite began, we took careful stock of the platform agnostic tools available to our teachers and students. We wanted enough tools to invite choice, though we also tried to limit the number so teachers would have a certain amount of commonality of possibility and at the same time avoid toolishness (see below). We looked for tools with a low floor, wide walls, and a high ceiling. We searched for tools that would enable a range of multimodal expression (see below). AND, we wanted tools that students could use in their classroom and at home and that teachers could use for professional development. In the end we selected:

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Multimodal Communication/Representation

Tool Flexibility

  • The ability to use a tool for a purpose not conceived by its creators. The ability to think beyond the perceived limitations of a tool. The ability to combine tools in novel ways.


  • What is the best balance between too few tools and too many tools? What balance should be struck between digging deeply into an apps creative potential and a more superficial understanding of a wide range of apps?
  • How much neophilia (novelty seeking) is healthy/educational? How much is detrimental? Is it the same for all individuals?
  • Will too many tools restrict teacher and students' growth in tool flexibility? Can the limits/boundaries of tools be a stimulus to creativity?
  • "There's An App For That" can become a disease - See Apps Taskonomy
  • Toolishness is Foolishness
  • Avoiding Toolishness